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Yame City・Hirokawa Town

This is the Yama’s Pride! A  Hidden “Face”

Koma Kobo Kumamoto Carpentry Shop

Although known as Koma (spinning top) in Japanese, this traditional wooden toy has many different names and shapes depending on the location in Japan. For example, in Aomori Prefecture it is called Sugurigoma, in Tokyo-Edogoma, in Kyoto- Kyougoma, in Nagasaki Prefecture-Sasebogoma and in Fukuoka Prefecture-Hakatagoma.

Kumamoto Koma is proud of its 100 years in business. Along with producing Hakatagoma, this shop also produces a somewhat flat spinning top called the Yamegoma. One of the characteristics of the Yamegoma is the belly button top! According to Mr. Kazunobu Kumamoto,...

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Matsuo Japanese Paper Studio

The strong, graceful Yama Japanese paper which boasts the 400-year tradition. The high quality which can be felt by hand

In Yame, paper has been produced widely in the Yabe River basin. The history lasts more than 400 years. Although it is said that there were about 1,700 studios existed at the high tide, presently, only five or six remain. The one of them is Matsuo Japanese Paper Studio which boasts a history of 100 and more years.
The Yame paper’s most distinctive feature is durability. Matsuo Japanese Paper Studio has mainly produced papers for hanging scrolls. ”Japanese pa...

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Ochamura’s Shimizumachi Store

At Ochamura, the staff who has a license of Japanese tea instructor provides sound advice to each customer. The special recommendation of this store in recent years is the Kuwa Maccha (powdered green tea mixed with mulberry leaves). It is a high-profile, healthy tea whose ingredient called DNJ is said to block the absorption of sugar and carry excess fat out of the body. The products like the Kuwa Maccha’s Ganache (limited time only) and the Kuwa Maccha Cream Daifuku (a soft rice cake) are also provided so that customers can give Kuwa Maccha in sweets a try. The sweets were develo...

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