What is the Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Association?

1. Purpose

Our purpose is to maintain close ties with Fukuoka Prefecture as well as tourism organizations in various areas and other tourism-related entites; to consistently work to promote the tourism business and local revitalization; and to promote international tourism; thereby contributing to the development and advancement of lifestyles, culture, the economy, and international goodwill

2. Areas of Activity

The Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Association pursues the following areas of activity in order to achieve its stated purpose.
(1) Matters related to the advertisement of tourism resources and promotion of tourism campaigns;
(2) Matters related to the promotion of tourism culture;
(3) Matters related to the coordination of tourism promotional events;
(4) Matters related to tourist attraction environment improvement;
(5) Matters related to the collection and provision of tourism information;
(6) Matters related to the improvement of quality in tourism industry workers;
(7) Matters related to tourism-related research, study, and instruction;
(8) Matters related to the liaison and coordination with tourism-related organizations and associations;
(9) Matters related to the development of a foundation to secure the smooth operation of activities (1) through (8) above;
(10) Matters related to the travel industry in accordance with the Travel Agency Act;
(11) Matters related to contributions made to activities pursued by local public organizations, local tourism associations, and national associations of organized tourism industry workers, etc. in order to promote tourism;
(12) Other activities necessary to achieve our purpose.

3. Association Information

Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Association
7-7 Higashikoen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-8577

To contact us, please use Facebook "Messenger" or Instagram "DM".


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