Enjoy your trip to Fukuoka in your own way! Here we introduce shops that cooperate with inbound tourism.-1

Enjoy your trip to Fukuoka in your own way! Here we introduce shops that cooperate with inbound tourism.

Fukuoka is located in the north of Kyushu and serves as the gateway to Kyushu and Asia. Its rich nature, history, culture, and cuisine attracts travelers from around the world.
This page introduces shops that cooperate with inbound tourism, or Inbound Cooperating Shops, through initiatives that encourage foreign tourists to visit, such as providing multilingual menus or food alternatives such as vegetarian or Islamic menus.

How to find an Inbound Cooperating Shop!

(1) Click “Search for Inbound Cooperating Shops” at the top of the page to search using criteria such as category or area.
Please find the Inbound Cooperating Shop you are looking for.
(2) Registered shops display an original sticker that shows they are an Inbound Cooperating Shop at a glance.
If you see this sticker, we encourage you to visit that shop.

Shop details are also listed. You’ll feel more assured if you know in advance!

Each shop info page lists basic info such as their address, phone number, business hours, closed days, and website, as well as the following information which travelers might want to know in advance.
*Please be aware that some information may not be available for all stores. 

(1) Available payment options (cashless, cash, etc.)
(2) Duty-free status
(3) Availability of picture-based menu
(4) Availability of multilingual menus
(5) Availability of multilingual staff
(6) Vegetarian support (vegan support, reservation requirements, etc.)
(7) Muslim-friendly (Halal menu, prayer space availability, reservation requirements, etc.)
(8) Availability of the multi-lingual telephone interpretation service and how to use it

Search for Inbound Cooperation Shops

Easily find just the shop you’re looking for by specifying categories such as restaurant, hotel, shopping, tourism facilities, each area such as Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Chikugo, and Chikuho, and the distance from where you are now.


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