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Luxury accommodations in Fukuoka

Welcome to Fukuoka, a compact but dynamic city located on the northern coast of Kyushu island. Fukuoka is best known for its delicious cuisine and exciting nightlife, but it also offers a blend of modernity and tradition in the form of ancient temples, castle ruins, and other attractions. The best way to see it all is to stay in a luxurious accommodation where you can relax and recharge so you can spend the next day exploring. In this feature, we introduce a selection of the finest hotels and ryokans in and around Fukuoka, each of which provides unparalleled comfort and traditional Japanese hospitality, that serve as the ideal hub to immerse yourself in the essence of the area


 Fukahoritei is waiting for you in the tranquil rice fields of Fukuoka Prefecture, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This 190-year-old mansion has been recently restored into a peaceful retreat, making it the ideal destination for those in search of rest and relaxation. At this resort, you can relax in the privacy of your own detached room, complete with a private open-air hot spring bath. The five cottage suites feature spacious living areas, balconies, and bedrooms, making them ideal for groups or families who want to vacation together while maintaining some privacy. Of course, the resort is also recommended to couples seeking a romantic getaway. While the surrounding area may not offer extensive attractions, Fukahoritei serves as a destination in itself. Savor delicious dishes prepared with care using local, seasonal ingredients at the on-site restaurant and let the stresses of the world melt away in the open-air baths. Overall, it’s clear that the lovingly restored Fukahoritei is definitely worth a stay. 


Yanagawa Tachibana-tei Ohana

Have you ever wished that you could spend the night in the residence of a feudal lord? Yanagawa Ohana lets you do just that. The structure is the former residence of the Tachibana clan, who ruled the Yanagawa domain throughout the Sengoku and Edo periods. Enduring the tumultuous periods of the Meiji Restoration, wartime, and post-war era, Yanagawa Ohana has transitioned into its current role as a traditional inn which has been diligently operated by the descendants of the Tachibana family. The estate includes the elegant Western-style mansion that houses the guest rooms, as well as the meticulously maintained Shotoen garden, both of which provide a glimpse into a past that has lasted a century since their construction in 1910. The garden is surrounded by Japanese black pine trees, stepping stones, and stone lanterns, making your stay even more picture-perfect. You'll also be able to visit the Tachibana Family Archives, which houses an exquisite collection of art and craftsmanship, as well as the vast grand hall, which is now used for wedding ceremonies, parties, and banquets.


Akizuki Onsen Ryotei ryokan Seiryuan

Akizuki Onsen Ryotei ryokan Seiryuan, located in Akizuki, also known as the "Little Kyoto of the Chikuzen Province," is a quaint ryokan surrounded by a picturesque garden adorned with flowers, trees, and waterfalls that offer a breathtaking spectacle in every season. The ryokan offers a tranquil and intimate setting with only six guest rooms, each designed in a detached style with a traditional Japanese ambiance. Every room has a private hot spring bath, with options such as a bedrock bath and a cypress bath for a variety of bathing experiences. You can indulge in the seasonal flavors of the region with the kaiseki cuisine served at dinner. Seasonal ingredients are carefully sourced and prepared using traditional cooking techniques that bring out their natural flavors. From the inn, you can explore some of Fukuoka's designated cultural assets, such as the Megane Bridge and the Kuromon Gate, both within walking distance, or take a stroll through the nearby castle town.


Hotel Cultia Dazaifu

Hotel Cultia Dazaifu is located just a short walk away from Dazaifu Tenmangu, a shrine dedicated to Sugawara no Michizane, the god of learning and culture. The structure of the hotel, which was built from historical buildings dating back to the Edo period, is also inspired by the idea of providing cultural experiences that stimulate intellectual curiosity, such as a guided tour led by the shrine's resident priests and a formal visit to the shrine grounds to worship the traditional way. Guest rooms are located in the former residence of the Yoshiitsu family, a renowned family of artists from the Edo and Showa periods, as well as two traditional folk houses. The hotel's menu is inspired by French cooking techniques and features the best of what Kyushu has to offer, from both land and sea. Staying at Hotel Cultia Dazaifu will leave you with a newfound respect for local culture and history.


Suisui Garden Ryokan

If your ideal stay involves peace and nature, look no further than Suisui Garden Ryokan, a charming three-room inn nestled within the Hyakunen no Niwa Japanese garden and part of the larger Art Hotel Kokura. The structures of traditional ryokan date back over 130 years and are designated as a registered tangible cultural property. The view from your room on the perfectly manicured greenery will make you forget you're in the heart of Kokura, a prominent transportation hub and the gateway connecting all of the roads of Kyushu. Just a short walk away are the beautiful landscapes of Katsuyama Park, the Murasaki River, and other attractions. The on-site restaurant, which overlooks the Japanese garden, serves both Western and Japanese cuisine, including teppanyaki made with local ingredients. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Fukuoka

The Ritz-Carlton hotels are the pinnacle of luxury and refinement. The Ritz-Carlton, Fukuoka opened in June 2023, is located in the city's heart, and provides guests with breathtaking views of Hakata Bay, delectable dining options, and delightful nods to local traditional artistry, making for an unforgettable experience. The hotel has an exclusive Club Lounge for suite room and clubroom guests where a concierge will cater to your every need, and foodies will appreciate the on-site restaurants and bars serving creative Western cuisine as well as Japan's finest foods, from kaiseki to sushi. The spa is ideal for unwinding and indulging in luxurious treatments after a day of exploring, and if you're visiting for business, you'll appreciate the hotel's elegant and functional meeting spaces. Overall, The Ritz-Carlton, Fukuoka provides the ideal blend of opulence and relaxation in the heart of one of Japan's most vibrant cities.



Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

The Hilton hotels are synonymous with elegance and luxury around the world, and Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk is no exception. Its striking structure, inspired by extravagant cruise ships, stands high on the backdrop of Hakata Bay, right next to the Fukuoka PayPay Dome in downtown Fukuoka. There are 5 different restaurants, including Sushi restaurant. All outlets offer creative and exquisite cuisines. In the specious setting under Brasserie and Lounge seala’s 40m-high ceiling, guests can enjoy the variety of international buffet-style dishes. For complete experiences, visit the hotel's captivating skyline bar, where you can unwind with a perfectly blended cocktail while admiring the vibrant cityscape. In addition, the hotel has a Japanese stone bath, swimming pool and gym. Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk is the best place to rejuvenate and enjoy an authentic experience. 


Fairfield by Marriott Fukuoka Ukiha

Fairfield by Marriott Fukuoka Ukiha is a hotel that opened in the summer of 2023. Located in Ukiha City, this exclusive establishment is conveniently positioned next to the Michi-no-Eki Ukiha, a roadside station area known for its picturesque surroundings and array of local produce for sale. Ukiha City is located in the heart of one of Kyushu's most famous fruit-growing regions and is a noodle lover's paradise; from here, you can set out on exciting adventures, discover the region's attractions and hidden gems, and return to the comfort of your room to relax and unwind whenever you need to. The hotel has opted for a lodging-centric concept without a restaurant so that its guests will venture out into the neighborhood and support independent businesses.


Hotel Greges

Hotel Greges, perched on the shores of Munakata's majestic open sea, offers an unrivaled experience in the lap of luxury. This exquisite boutique hotel, inspired by Mediterranean resorts, offers panoramic ocean views from every room. The exteriors were curated by an internationally renowned French designer, while the hotel's interiors are by an Italian furniture brand, completing the structure’s European vibe. Hotel Greges promises an intimate and exclusive experience with only six guest rooms, all seamlessly blending modernity and timeless luxury. It goes without saying that these are the perfect premises for an unforgettable trip. The cherry on top is the hotel's French restaurant, helmed by a three-Michelin-starred chef, where you'll be able to embark on a gastronomic journey while listening to the soothing sound of the waves.


Our selection of luxury accommodations in and around Fukuoka includes some of the best examples of opulence and elegance in the region. Beautiful rooms, excellent service, and high-end amenities are the standard at all of these accommodations, whether you're looking for a quiet retreat away from the city, gourmet cuisine, or a breathtaking view of Fukuoka's skyline.


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