Here are the most popular souvenirs of Fukuoka that you won’t want to miss!-1

Here are the most popular souvenirs of Fukuoka that you won’t want to miss!

If you’re like us, you definitely want to close out your journey with a bit of souvenir shopping to buy gifts to take home. Here we introduce some of the best gifts from Fukuoka, a treasure trove of foods, and the shops where you can buy them.

The famous Fukuoka Mentaiko, boasting the highest production in Japan

Fukuoka prefecture overwhelmingly produces and consumes more Mentaiko, or polluck roe (fish eggs), than anywhere else in Japan. Approximately 80% of national production is based in Kyushu, and there are no less than 200 companies dedicated to Mentaiko production in Fukuoka. The flavor of Mentaiko varies from maker to maker, so we recommend trying different varieties to find your favorite.
Popular types include Mentaiko packaged in tubes and Mentaiko Furikake mix as a garnish for sprinkling over rice, both of which keep at room temperature to take home with you, as well as Mentaiko with tuna or salmon. Another less known but popular treat is Ika Mentai, or fresh squid with Mentaiko.


Menbei Mentaiko rice crackers-1

Menbei Mentaiko rice crackers

Menbei rice crackers have become a new standard gift with their crisp texture, the tingly but not overbearing spiciness of the Mentaiko, and the savoriness of seafood. In addition to the standard flavor, they also come in a wide variety of flavors such as leek, mayonnaise, onion, Katsumenbei (skipjack tuna), extra hot, Mentai butter, fried curry, Kyushu soy sauce, and chicken skin. Each cracker is individually wrapped for a long shelf life, making it a perfect gift to pass out at the office when you get back.

Famous Fukuoka Confections that will make anyone happy

Here are some famous confections of Fukuoka that have long been loved by the locals.

  • Hakata Torimon

    Hakata Torimon

    This blend of Japanese and western confection features a soft and creamy middle of Shiro-an white bean paste wrapped in a thin, soft crust with a milky fragrance. It is particularly popular for its unrivaled unique taste that offers a hint of butter which has taken the Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award, the contest’s highest award, multiple times consecutively.

  • Tsuru-no-ko


    This confection consists of a soft white marshmallow dough that melts in your mouth wrapped around a Kimi-an yolk bean paste that melts along with the dough. Also make sure to check out the various seasonal variations of the confection that can only be obtained at specific times of year!

  • Meika Hiyoko

    Meika Hiyoko

    This chick-shaped Japanese steamed bun is notable for the cute beak and little eyes. The long popular moist, smooth bun wrapped around the subtly sweet Kimi-an yolk bean paste, which celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2022, produce a perfect harmony.

  • Chikushi Mochi

    Chikushi Mochi

    This Japanese confection, called Chikushi Mochi or Tsukushi Mochi by outsiders, features attention to detail in every aspect, including the mochi rice cake kneaded, with selected water, from Hiyoku rice from the Tsukushi Plain, and the soy powder that maximizes fragrance and sweetness. It is enjoyed with a sprinkling of Kuromitsu, or brown sugar syrup, to taste.

  • Hakata-no-Hito


    This confection features a baumkuchen cake into which adzuki-bean Yokan, a jelly like Japanese sweet, has been poured, for a perfect balance between the moist texture and consistency of koshian strained bean paste. The bite-sized pieces are easy to eat and make a perfect gift to pass around. The Hakata doll shaped packaging is also cute.

  • Tirolian


    This crispy rolled cookie contains a center of mouth-melting cream. It comes in the four popular flavors of vanilla, coffee, strawberry, and chocolate. There are also special flavors from unique Kyushu produce and time limited flavors for you to enjoy, such as the relatively new Amaou strawberry flavored version or the Yame Gyokuro green tea flavor.

Confections made with the Amaou brand strawberries of Fukuoka

The Amaou strawberries, one of Japan’s top two strawberry brands alongside Tochiotome, are a valuable breed that can only be grown in Fukuoka. The name Amaou comes from the Japanese words Akai, or red, Marui, or round, Ookii, or large, and Umai, or delicious, and sweets made using the strawberry have become popular as souvenirs in recent years.
In addition to confections we’ve already mentioned, such as the Amaou flavored Tirolian, the Amaou Strawberry Milk Tsuru-no-ko, and the Strawberry Hiyoko, there is also the Hakata Amabi Warabi-mochi, a jelly-like Japanese confection, the Dora King Nama Dora-yaki cake with Amaou strawberry inside, and the Strawberry Daifuku confection containing a sublime balance of Amaou with Koshian bean paste, each available in certain seasons.

Take home some Fukuoka cuisine!

You are sure to want your experience of delicious Fukuoka cuisine with your friends and family back home! Thankfully, there are gifts that will make that dream a reality. Souvenir shops in Fukuoka normally offer Tonkotsu ramen, Motsu Nabe kits, and Mizutaki soup packaged as gifts. These are definitely all available at the gift shops in Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport, so we recommend picking them up on your way home to share a taste of Fukuoka with your family.

Convenient locations to get your Fukuoka gifts

Here is a list of souvenir shops near the airport or train stations that carry a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs.

  • Fukuoka Airport

    Fukuoka Airport

    Fukuoka Airport offers a large selection of leading Fukuoka direct shops, as well as many shops that open from early in the morning (6:30 AM), making it easy to grab gifts before early morning flights.

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  • Ming


    This shopping center is located within the JR Hakata Station building. It is home to the largest Mentaiko market in Kyushu, letting you choose your favorite Mentaiko from among a variety of makers. In addition to the obvious souvenirs, you can also buy confections from throughout Kyushu here.

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  • Hakata Deitos

    Hakata Deitos

    This shop is located near the Chikushi exit of JR Hakata Station near the Shinkansen platform. Here you can purchase famous products and confections of Hakata while also enjoying Fukuoka cuisine such as ramen or Motsu Nabe.

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  • Hakata Hankyu

    Hakata Hankyu

    Hakata Hankyu, a department store located adjacent to JR Hakata Station, is home to the Umachika food market on the 1st floor basement. Here you can find a wide variety of original products such as their Premium Menbei rice crackers.

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  • AMU Plaza Hakata

    AMU Plaza Hakata

    AMU Plaza Hakata is directly connected to JR Hakata Station. The Hakata Bi Kyushu gift shop on the 1st floor of Tokyu Hands Hakata, one of the tenants, offers crafts from not only Fukuoka, but from throughout Kyushu as well.

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  • Omiyage Kaido (Souvenir Street) Vierra Kokura

    Omiyage Kaido (Souvenir Street) Vierra Kokura

    This store located within JR Kokura Station offers a wide range of souvenirs. It can be found right outside the Shinkansen ticket gate, so is a convenient place to shop if you’re short on time.

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  • Jibasan (Local Produce) Kurume, JR Kurume Station branch

    Jibasan (Local Produce) Kurume, JR Kurume Station branch

    Located within JR Kurume Station, this shop offers a chance to taste Kurume ramen as well as a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, sweets, and traditional crafts such as Kurume Kasuri fabric.

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So what do you think of the souvenirs of Fukuoka? There are many unique products available in Fukuoka in addition to the ones we introduced here. We hope you enjoy your gift shopping as the main event to close off your trip to Fukuoka!


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