[2023 Edition] Strawberry Picking Spots in Fukuoka-1

[2023 Edition] Strawberry Picking Spots in Fukuoka

Here we introduce you to places where you can pick strawberries in Fukuoka. Why not try your hand picking such strawberry varieties as the Amaou, only grown in Fukuoka?

Did you know that fruit picking as a pastime for tourists originated in Fukuoka prefecture?

Fukuoka prefecture is a veritable kingdom of fruit for the variety and volume of fruit produced here. In fact, the Tanushimaru area of Krume City is known to have come up with the very first fruit picking tour, in this case persimmons, especially for tourists, making the prefecture known as the origin of fruit picking.
Fukuoka offers a variety of seasonal fruit-picking opportunities, but there are a particularly large number of places where you can pick strawberries, such as the Amaou variety, and here we will introduce just a few of them.

Why not try your hand picking Amaou strawberries, the leading strawberry of the Fukuoka brand!

Amaou strawberries, one of Japan’s leading two branded strawberries alongside Tochiotome, gets its name from the first syllables of the Japanese words Akai, or red, Marui, or round, Ookii, or large, and Umai, or delicious. The variety was achieved after five years of research and development, and is a valuable variety only produced in Fukuoka. The sweet, rich flavor and large fruit offer an extremely satisfying experience, and the strawberries have even been recognized by Guinness World Records. So be sure to enjoy Amaou strawberry picking, which is only possible in Fukuoka!

Where to pick strawberries in Fukuoka

  • Uruu Farm (Kurume City)

    Uruu Farm (Kurume City)

    Uruu Farm manages a total of 26 greenhouses, the largest scale in Japan, geared specifically towards tourism featuring the Amaou strawberry grown only in Fukushima prefecture. There is also a café on the farm that serves parfaits, crepes, and smoothies made with seasonal fruit year round.

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  • Strawberry Farm Kirara (Kurume City)

    Strawberry Farm Kirara (Kurume City)

    This strawberry farm expertly specializes in only the highly popular Amaou strawberry. Come here to find Amaou strawberries cultivated in soil specially prepared with fertilizers to leverage nature's strengths, resulting in strawberries that are juicy and sweet!

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  • Fruitelier - Nakamura Fruit Farm (Kurume City)

    Fruitelier - Nakamura Fruit Farm (Kurume City)

    The history of this fruit farm dates back a century. Today, you can enter the farm with your stroller or wheelchair, so you can create memories of enjoyment together. There are also break spots throughout the farm for when you get tired of picking. The farm’s café also offers popular fruit sandwiches and parfaits.

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  • Shunkoen (Ukiha City)

    Shunkoen (Ukiha City)

    This tourism farm is located in the veritable fruit kingdom of Ukiha City. Here you can enjoy all-you-can-eat strawberries, featuring five different varieties such as Amaou or Benihoppe, all cultivated in the cleanest water. You can pick the strawberries here without bending over, and without getting your feet dirty, making this an enjoyable activity for young and old alike.

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  • Lion Strawberry Farm (Asakura City)

    Lion Strawberry Farm (Asakura City)

    This spacious farm offers more than ten different varieties of strawberries, such as the Amaou and their own original Lion Strawberry, with over 60,000 strawberry plants in cultivation. Come here if you want to fill yourself up and compare different varieties! The crepes available at their shop are popular as well.

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  • Hanatateyama Farm (Asakura City)

    Hanatateyama Farm (Asakura City)

    This wide open farm offers four different types of strawberries such as the popular Amaou and several varieties that are uncommon to find in Fukuoka. The layout is barrier-free, making it accessible to elderly or disabled visitors. The plants are also positioned for easy picking.

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  • Hirai Tourist Farm (Yame City)

    Hirai Tourist Farm (Yame City)

    This farm uses both soil cultivation and elevated cultivation (a method that places the growing beds at waist height and provides them with the necessary nutrition and water via liquid fertilizer) depending on the variety of strawberry. Enjoy picking strawberries as you experience the benefits and differences of each growing method. The farm offers fruit tomato picking as well, so many visitors enjoy a mix of both.

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  • Farmer's Market Hirokawa Fruit Village (Hirokawa Town)

    Farmer's Market Hirokawa Fruit Village (Hirokawa Town)

    This farm allows you to compare four varieties of strawberries, namely Amaou, Benihoppe, Kaorino, and Oi-C berry, in the same greenhouse. They use both elevated and soil cultivation, so anyone can come here to enjoy strawberry picking.

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  • Kuwano Farm (Fukutsu CIty)

    Kuwano Farm (Fukutsu CIty)

    This family-run farm grows the Amaou variety of strawberries exclusively. Here, you can participate in the full harvest of strawberries in addition to just picking your share. Come here to enjoy the large, sweet Amaou strawberries surrounded by nature!

    View more (Japanese website)


So what do you think of strawberry picking? We hope you consider taking a tour of one of these farms and getting your fill of delicious, freshly picked strawberries with your family or friends!


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