Introducing day trip hot springs, spas, and Super Sento baths in Fukuoka-1

Introducing day trip hot springs, spas, and Super Sento baths in Fukuoka

Day trip hot springs are a casual option available at a reasonable price without reservations, and many have the additional advantage of offering a variety of other facilities to enjoy for relaxation and entertainment, and even restaurants. In this article, we introduce a variety of options in each area, such as places where you can spend the whole day, places with saunas to ground yourself, and places with numerous different kinds of baths.

Mamushi-no-Yu, a hot spring in Itoshima with over 300 years of history

The name Mamushi-no-Yu, after the common Japanese pit viper called the mamushi, comes from a tradition that describes how people here would once drink the hot spring water and use it to wash the bite when they were bitten by a mamushi, purifying themselves and soothing the pain, thereby completely healing the wound. For the nearly 300 years since that time at the end of the Edo period, the hot spring has been known for its ability to break down the pit viper’s poison.
The hot spring, which boasts a rich Japanese atmosphere, features a variety of different baths, such as two different outdoor baths, a wine bath, a tea bath, a Hinoki (cypress) bath, and a cauldron shaped bath. The sauna baths also come in both high and low temperature versions.
Visitors can enjoy meals made with generous portions of local Itoshima ingredients at the Japanese restaurant within the hot spring facility, and there are also shops that sell locally produced goods such as local vegetables and fruits, livestock produce, and daily products.

Enjoy a buffet of natural food and the amazing views of Dazaifu from outdoor baths at Chikushino Tenpai-no-Yu

This hot spring is located at an elevation of 257.4 meters on the slope of Tempaizan, a local mountain. The first and foremost charm here is, of course, the location and its amazing views. 
The facility offers a wide variety of natural hot spring baths, such as their outdoor bath and its panoramic view that stretches from Dazaifu to Mount Homan, their jet bath and low temperature bath, and their water bath.
You should also definitely try out the self-steam sauna for men and the recently refurbished auto-steam sauna for women, and sweat out your fatigue to refresh yourself.
The interior of the facility offers a natural food deli featuring fresh ingredients, a buffet of homemade sweets, and a Japanese restaurant serving Kaiseki course meals.

[Fukuoka area] Other facilities

Honjo Natural Hot Spring Otogi-no-Mori, featuring Kitakyushu’s first silk bath for beautiful skin

The first so-called silk bath in Kitakyushu here is popular for making your skin smooth and silky. The hot spring water is rich in minerals, offering a treatment effect that washes away waste from your body, along with your sweat, with ultra-fine bubbles. You can also moisturize your skin in a massive shower of negative ions, and warm up with their ultrasound massage. They have an assortment of other appealing baths as well, such as their warm charcoal bath and their bubble bath. Steam service (or löyly, borrowed from the Finnish) is provided three times per day.
You can also enjoy a wide range of foods inside, such as Japanese cuisine, hot pot, Japanese teppanyaki (iron griddle) cooking, light meals, and desserts, and they also offer services for body care, Thai massage, body scrub (Akasuri), and a haircut salon.

Relax with a full body massage and a spacious open air bath at the Natural Hot Spring Korona-no-Yu Kokura Branch

The pride of this hot spring is their spacious outdoor bath that evokes a feeling of being in a Japanese garden. The chloride hot spring water is great for beautiful skin, and you can also try their Aqua Review with strongly flowing water that helps calorie consumption and gives you a full body massage. Their high humidity and high temperature sauna, with auto steam every 4 to 6 minutes, is also popular.
 The dining area offers a menu made in collaboration with other restaurants, such as Chikuho Ramen Yamagoya and Go! Go! Curry. There is a rich array of other options as well, covering popular common dishes, various set meals, noodles, and rice bowls.
Another nice thing about Kokura Korona World is that you can also casually stop by the attached movie theater or bowling alley.

Refresh yourself in an open air bath with the Kanmon Straits right before your eyes at the Teriha Spa Resort Moji Branch

The Daiteien (large garden) outdoor bath, which offers a dynamic view of the Kanmon Straits, boasts no less than four different kinds of baths, including the carbonated bath, the ceramic bath, Zaraku-no-yu, and Utatane-no-yu. There are another five baths and a sauna inside as well, including a shape-up bath and a Shiatsu massage bath. And of course don’t forget their relaxation space, with large cushions to lie down on, and their kid’s space.
They also have a Ganban-bo room where the room and floor temperature are set to between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius at around 70% humidity so you can sweat it out and refresh yourself at settings gentle for your body. There is also a space to lie down and relax afterwards, exclusively for users of the Ganban-bo. The facility also offers dining and body-care options.

[Kitakyushu area] Other facilities

Yushin no Yu, an easily accessible natural hot spring

Yushin no Yu is a natural hot spring in the middle of town, easily accessible at just seven minutes walk from the Nishitetsu Bus Kurume, Nobusuma bus stop, but don’t let the location fool you. Here, you can forget your daily worries and enjoy a moment of luxury. This hot spring is particularly noted for its open-air bath with hints of sulfur, said to be good for beautiful skin, and their high concentration carbonated bath that will warm you to the core. Here you can relax at your leisure in a space decorated in flowers and greenery that let you sense the changing seasons.
They also offer a Finnish sauna that moisturizes your skin and promotes sweating, and they have daily steam, or löyly, events using aroma oils.
After enjoying the bath or sauna, don’t forget to stop by the restaurant for a set meal. They also offer alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Beautify your skin to improve your chances at romance at River Station Funagoya Koibotaru.

The hot spring at River Station Funagoya Koibotaru is known as the Bijin-no-yu, or bath of beauty, for being very effective at beautifying your skin. Their Iwaburo, or rock bath, evokes a sense of the power of nature, and entertains you with a view reminiscent of a stalactite cave formed by the components in the hot spring water that are good for your skin. They also offer a sleeping bath and inner bath where you can relax and forget the time, and a free foot bath, and together they help you enjoy a moment of healing pleasure enriched with the energy of the nature of the Chikugo area.
The restaurant here offers various set meals made with generous portions of local ingredients, and even limited desserts associated with the word Koi, or “love”. We particularly recommend that you also pray at the Koinoki Shrine, where the God of Love is enshrined, when you visit.

[Chikugo area] Other facilities

Wakita Hot Spring Yunozen no Sato, a historic hot spring dating from the Nara period

The Wakita hot spring area is known for its basic alkaline waters. Known to be effective for external injuries, recovering from fatigue, rheumatism, and nerve conditions, it is also loved by countless travels for its skin beautifying effects.
Located within the grounds of a facility called Yumeguri-no-yado Nansuikaku, Yunozen no Sato offers nine different types of outdoor baths for your enjoyment, such as their Shosuke no Yu, that uses a sake brewing barrel 150 cm high, and their Kaguya Princess Bath named after the region of Wakita, a bamboo producing area.
There are also five family baths, each with its own atmosphere, available for private use. One advantage here is that they always replace the hot water, so you can always enjoy your bath in new, fresh hot spring waters.
They are also proud of their restaurant that serves dishes using local produce from the mountains.

Enjoy river activities and camping at the Genjii no Mori Hot Spring

The Genjii no Mori Hot Spring is located in a rich natural forest, complete with a campground. Here you can enjoy a relaxing moment experiencing the seasonal atmosphere in their outdoor bath, with its beautiful Japanese garden design, or their large bath. They also have private baths that you can reserve for those with accompanying children to warm themselves up to the core. Then, after your bath, relax in the spacious tatami break room.
But of course we recommend that you try this hot spring in tandem with the campground. The campground is zoned into various areas, such as the family camp and the solo camp, and each location is different. Visitors can enjoy river activities in the summertime, and you will surely enjoy a peaceful moment entertained by the dancing fireflies at night.

The constantly flowing water at Hojo Hot Spring Fujiyu no Sato is great for your skin!

Visitors to the constantly flowing hot spring waters at Hojo Hot Spring Fujiyu no Sato can expect not only positive effects for health and injuries, but for beautiful skin as well. They offer two large baths. One is the Japanese style rock bath, Fukuchiyama, and the other is Daito, decorated with wood and tile. Each outdoor bath offers views of Mount Fukuchi and the Nogata region, and the sky is filled with stars on cloudless nights. The two large baths are rotated between use by men and women alternately. Indoors, you will find plenty of other options such as a white water bath, walking bath, sleeping bath, and far infrared sauna.
After your bath, your relaxation options include a break space, a restaurant serving Tonkotsu ramen noodles, and a relaxation room.

[Chikuho area] Other facilities

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*The information in this article is as of March 2024.


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