Cycling in Fukuoka


With a variety of bike thoroughfares and plenty of bike rental shops, Fukuoka Prefecture offers the perfect route for cyclists of any level. Notable long-distance trails include the Munakata-Shikanoshima Route of 51 kilometers, which traverses the coast and several islands (the road to Shikanoshima is flanked on both sides by the sea!). The 39-kilometer Munakata-Nogata Route also has stunning sea views and passes the Onga River and a number of World Heritage sites. Meanwhile the Fukuoka Itoshima Route of 78 kilometers is easily accessible from Fukuoka City and offers nice seaside cafés and shops along the way. Feel the ocean breeze, take in the mountain air or find peace in the tranquil countryside by bicycle, or complete any of the shorter urban trails to Itoshima or Kitakyushu, among others. Fukuoka cyclists are truly spoiled for choice.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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