[Fall/Winter 2023]Fireworks Display in the Night Sky of Fukuoka-1

[Fall/Winter 2023]Fireworks Display in the Night Sky of Fukuoka

Summer is not the only time for fireworks to illuminate the night sky in Fukuoka. Fireworks displays are also planned for the coming colder months, when the night sky is filled with powerful, large fireworks. As the temperature drops and the air becomes clearer, the stars in the night sky begin to shine more beautifully. Fireworks displays held in these conditions will give us a different impression from summer.


On Saturday 14 October, a live concert for parents, children and grandchildren of three generations will be held at Nogata Riverside Park. With the hope that people will "feel the connection between family and create their own precious stories", the festival will feature a stage of artists who have been adding colour to 2021 since the Showa period, and one of the largest music fireworks displays in Kyushu! Now in its fourth year, the festival will be enlivened by a spectacular stage performance by artists and a show by comedians that will move audiences across generations. The climax of the festival is a spectacular 9,000 musical fireworks display that colours the autumn night sky!

Venue: Nogata Riverside Park, 1-4-21 Shinmachi, Nogata, Fukuoka
Date: 14 Oct (Sat), 2023 (11:10-21:10)


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