Bicycle Safety Rules-1

SAFE DRIVING ~Bicycle Safety Rules~
Let's enjoy safe cycling!

Bicycles are vehicles.

According to the Road Traffic Act, bicycles are categorized as vehicles.
If the Road Traffic Act is violated, penalties will apply.

【Please join bicycle damage insurance.】
In order to protect both you and the injured party, we ask that you get bicycle insurance (bicycle liability insurance).

Five Bicycle Safety Rules

1.Ride on the road whenever possible; riding on the sidewalk is an exception.

2.Ride on the left-hand side of the road.

When there are designated road and sidewalk areas, bicycles go on the road.
Cycle on the left-hand of the road.

*When it's possible to ride on the side strip
Except for situations where cyclists will cause excessive hindrances to pedestrians, it is possible to ride on the side strip of the left side of the road.

3.Give way to pedestrians on the sidewalk, proceed slowly.
In the exceptional cases where you need to ride on the footpath, ride at a slow speed so that it is easy to make sudden stops, and when you need to avoid pedestrians, stop and give them the right side of the way.

*Circumstances where it is possible to ride on the sidewalk.
1) When instructed to do so by road signs or directions.
2) When the cyclist is a child under age 13 or a senior age 70 or older.
3) When road or traffic conditions leave you no other choice.
*In all of the above circumstances, if the police or traffic authorities give you instructions that you must use a certain road, please obey them without delay.

Bicycle/Pedestrian-specific signs

4.Observe All Safety Rules
■Turn on your light on at night
At night, turn on your front bicycle light and attach reflectors (or a rear bicycle light) to the rear of your bicycle.
Riding with no lights makes you invisible to other people and cars. DANGER!
■Stop and check at all intersections
Of course, you must stop intersections with stop signs, but also at intersections without signage, make sure to always stop and check before proceeding.
■Do not ride with a second person on one bicycle
Except in cases when carrying a child under age 6 in a child bicycle chair, this is prohibited.
■Riding side-by-side is prohibited
Except for places with specific signage allowing it, riding side-by-side is prohibited. You must ride single-file.
■Drunk riding is prohibited
Riding a bicycle while drunk is prohibited.
■Obey all traffic signals
You must obey the traffic signals. If there are "pedestrian/bicycle designated" traffic signals, obey them.

5.Wear a helmet
Parents/guardians must make children wear helmets.
*Please wear helmets, in order for everyone, not just children (and toddlers and infants), to avoid injuries.


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