Muslim-friendly - venues with prayer rooms and halal food-1

Muslim-friendly - venues with prayer rooms and halal food

Fukuoka, "Gateway to Asia" and the closest city to the Asian continent. It is also a handy starting point and hub for travel in Kyushu, attracting visitors from around the world for its nature, history, culture and food. Numbers of Muslim visitors from all around Southeast Asia are also growing thanks to the relaxation of visa conditions and  increased low-cost carrier (LCC) flights.
Islamic dietary restrictions and the need to undertake five prayer sessions every day are equally relevant at a travel destination. Here, we present (some of) the venues to use at your leisure so that you can enjoy Fukuoka and your daily rituals without being inconvenienced.

What is halal?

Halal is what is permitted for Muslims by God (Allah) and the Prophet Mohammed, and haram is what is not.

Top haram things
■It is not permitted to eat pork (care must also be taken with ingredients derived from pigs and gelatine) 
■Drinking alcohol should be avoided(care must also be taken with flavorings)
■Eating meat that has not been butchered in accordance with Islamic teachings should also be avoided

Venues with a prayer room

Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation

The Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation is found on the third floor of ACROS Fukuoka, a multi-use structure right next to Tenjin Central Park. 
Kokusai Hiroba is a space on the third floor for exchange between Fukuoka locals and foreign visitors, with prayer rooms available for use by all.


​​​​​​Kyushu's largest aviation gateway, Fukuoka Airport.
The Information Desk on the first floor of the International Passenger Terminal Building offers guidance about tourist destinations, maps and guidebooks. You may also use the Prayer Room on the fourth floor.

Muslim-friendly venues here

Fukuoka Prefecture is working to be "the friendliest tourist destination in the world." We present Muslim-friendly venues from a website listing facilities that are very welcoming to foreign tourists.


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