Genko Wall (Nishijin, Ikinomatsubara, Imazu)


In preparation for a second invasion by the Mongols, the Kamakura shogunate constructed a stone defensive wall which extends roughly 20 km from Imazu to eastern Kashiihama along Hakata Bay.
At present, the wall can be viewed at three locations: Nishijin, Ikinomatsubara, and Imazu.
About the structure
Classification: National Historical Site
Built in 1274
Scale: Approximately 20 km

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 814-0002 福岡県
Address Fukuoka City, Sawara Ward, Nishijin 7 Fukuoka City, Nishi Ward, Ikinomatsubara Fukuoka City, Nishi Ward, Imazu
Telephone Number 092-711-4666(福岡市経済観光文化局文化財活用部文化財活用課)
Contact Fukuoka-shi Board of Education cultural assets Maintenance Division
Fax Number 092-733-5537
Access Fukuoka Board of Education, Cultural Preservation Department
5 minute walk from the ”Bouruimae stop on the Nishitetsu Bus
15 min. walk from Shimayamato Station on the /JR Chikusen Line
10 min. walk from Fukushishisetsumae on the Showa Bus line

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