Terumo Shrine


The founder of the Kuroda family, Josui Kuroda
*About the building:
Constructed: 1907(Ryukoinden) and the first clan daimyo Nagamasa Kuroda (Kyouninden), are enshrined here. The name of the shrine is a combination of characters from the father and son’s posthumous Buddhist names, and it was once located within the inner citadel of Fukuoka castle, it was moved outside the premises during the Meiji era, and after that reconstructed at its current location. In the cherry blossom season the cherry trees in Nishi Park are particularly beautiful, and you can celebrate the first sunrise of the new year here. From October of Heisei 14]]年10 you can take a large bus on the route around the Nishi Park garden.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 810-0061 福岡県福岡市中央区西公園13-1
Address 13-1 Nishikoen, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Telephone Number 092-761-1807(光雲(てるも)神社)
Contact Nimbus (てるも) Shinto shrine
Access 5-minute walk from ’Nishi Park (Nishikoen)’ on the Nishitetsu Bus Line/15-minute walk from Ohorikoen Station on the subway line

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