Hakata Ramen


An average meal for the average Joe in Hakata would have to be Hakata ramen (noodles). Although its soup has a reputation for being cloudy, the color ranges from whitish to brown and the flavor from light to heavy depending on where you eat. In order to compete with rivals, each vendor creates a “secret recipe” by varying the seasoning and length of time they stew the pork-based “tonkotsu” soup.
There is a theory that Kyushu tonkotsu ramen originated in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture with medium-thick noodles. The recipe gradually made its way to Fukuoka City, Tamana City, Kumamoto City and eventually to all of Kyushu except for Kagoshima Prefecture.
Unique to Hakata ramen are its thinner, straight noodles and the custom of receiving second helpings (kaedama)! Slices of barbequed pork, chopped green onions, and red pickled ginger top off this delicious dish.

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Address (Japanese) 812-8577 福岡県福岡市博多区東公園7-7
Address Throughout Fukuoka
Telephone Number 092-645-0019(福岡県観光連盟)

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