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Located in the former town of Tachibana (the top kiwi production region in Japan), Tachibana Wine Brewery Co. was established and began mass production as a kiwi wine brewery in 2001 with investments from Tachibana Town, the Japan Agricultural Cooperative, and kiwi production committees.
These days, the Tachibana Wine Brewery Co. produces and sells various flavored wines using 100% natural fruit juice from the abundant agricultural products found in the Yame area, including kiwi, Hakata Amao strawberries, Japanese apricots, Mandarin oranges, figs, white peaches, and grapes!
The brewery holds nine state-of-the-art brewing tanks and manufactures Takashima Town’s tomato wine, Yukuhasi City’s fig wine, and Akaike Town’s (Tagawa City) pear wine on commission in support of the economic development projects in those areas.

Industrial Tourism Details: Traditional Industry/ Local Industry - Wine
Tour of wine making process and tasting: available

A comment from the store:

The town of Tachibana produces the most kiwi fruit in Japan. In 2001 (Heisei 13), the town of Tachibana, JA, and kiwi fruit producers made this investment and built the kiwi wine brewery. Presently, our company also produces various types of wines using the abundant and delicious fruit juice from the Yame area. Some of these include, Haka Amao Strawberries, Ume Mikan, figs, peaches and grapes. We use the lastest in brewing technology, this includes 9 brewing tanks. To help in the reviltaliztion of some areas, we currently sell wines made from other areas as well. Why not try tomato wine made from tomatos produced in Takashima, Nagasaki Prefecture, or fig wine made from Yukuhashi City? Last, but not least, is the Japanese pear wine made from pears in Akaike Town, Tagawa-gun!

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 834-0082 福岡県八女市立花町兼松726
Address 726 Kanematsu, Tachibana Town, Yame City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0943-37-1081(立花ワイン)
Contact Tachibana Wine Brewery
Fax Number 0943-37-1610
Car Park Available for 20 cars
Access 15 minute drive from the Yame Interchange off the Kyushu Expressway
20 minute drive from Hirokawa Interchange off of the Kyushu Expressway
Website http://www.wing8.com/athome/tachibana-w/

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