Nagasaki Kaido Hiyamizu Pass


In order to prevent the lords of other domains from passing through the castle town of Fukuoka, and to connect Nagasaki with Kokura at the shortest possible distance, the Nagasaki Kaido (Highway) was built running over the Hiyamizu Pass. Uchino Taro Zaemon is said to have completed the highway in 1612 based on the plans of Kuroda Kanbei and the orders of the first lord, Nagamasa. With the promulgation of the law decreeing rules for lords in 1635, each lord was required to take part in alternating attendance in Edo.
The building of the highway in order to avoid the frequent passage of warriors from other domains through the towns of Fukuoka and Hakata is attributed to the foresight of Kuroda Kanbei (Josui).
The Hiyamizu Pass still retains the stone paving of the time and is famous for its headless Jizo statues

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県飯塚市内野
Address Uchino, Iizuka City
Telephone Number 0948-72-5581(内野宿展示館)
Contact Iizuka office of tourism
Fax Number 0948-72-5581
Access Is along National highway No. 200; is about 50-minute walk from the torii of infieldArata to the Hiyamizu Pass top

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