Kyushu Olle, Kurume Korasan Course

九州オルレ 久留米・高良山コース

This is a course running through Kurume and Mt. Korasan where you can see the Chikugo Plains at the heart of Mt. Korasan, the westernmost tip of the Minoyama Mountain Range.
You can also feel the rich history and romance of Chikugo’s best shrine, Kora Taisha. As you walk along the historic stone pathway leading up to Kora Taisha, you can enjoy seasonal azaleas and hydrangeas. If you look down from around 200~300m altitude, you can catch an exceptional view of the Chikugo River and Chikugo Plains.

Sometimes called ’kinmei’ bamboo for its alternating yellow and green segments, ’moso bamboo’ is found here, a rare type of bamboo that only grows in 4 places in Japan, including this one.
It is designated as a National Important Cultural Property. The area is also dotted with natural monuments, so you can enjoy the scenery of Chikugo and Kurume to your heart’s content.

8.6km course, 3-4 hour required time, intended for intermediate/advanced trekkers.

Time period: All year long

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 839-0842 福岡県
Address 1-8-1 Miiasazuma, Kurume , Start Point: in front of Kurume University Station)
Telephone Number 0942-30-9137(久留米市 観光・国際課(쿠루메시 관광・국제과))
Contact Kurume City Commerce/Labor/Tourism Department Tourism/International Division
Fax Number 0942-30-9707
Price Free of charge ※Some paid events held
Access Up to the start point (JR Kurume University Station)
It’s a 5-minute drive from Kurume IC

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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