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Kurume Bird Center is one of the rarer zoos in Japan that houses mainly birds. The center houses many rare birds that cannot be observed at any other zoo in Kyushu, such as the blue-winged kookaburra and green peafowl. In total, the center displays 80 species of bird, like 120 Indian peafowls (a Special Natural Treasure), re-crowned crane, African penguin, flamingo, and Japanese chicken, in addition to 12 kinds of mammals such as wallabies, squirrel monkies, and capybara. Don’t miss the petting zoo where feed is available from vending machines, and the playland.

*About the Center: Area - 30,000 square meters (322,900 square feet)
*Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible bathrooms; wheelchair rental; changing tables; guide dogs permitted
*Discounts: Available for persons with disabilities and senior citizens who live within Kurume City

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 830-0003 福岡県久留米市東櫛原町1667
Address Within Chuo (Central) Park, Higashi Kushihara Town, Kurume City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0942-33-2895((財)久留米市鳥類センター)
Contact Kurume Bird Center
Fax Number 0942-33-2896
Open 9am - 5pm
Closed Every second Monday (the next day in case of a holiday)
Price High School Students and Over: 250 Yen; Junior High and Elementary School Students: 100 Yen; Infants and Toddlers (age 4 and over): 50 Yen
Car Park Available; 200 vehicles
Access By train - a 20 minute walk from Nishitetsu “Kurume” Station
By bus - a 5 minute walk from Nishitetsu “Seishonen Kagakukan Mae” Bus Stop
By car - 5 minutes west (towards downtown Kurume City) of the Kurume Interchange off the Kyushu Expressway
Website http://www2.ktarn.or.jp/~tosikoen/b_c.html

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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