Fukuoka Science Museum


Visitors can learn while playing with and experiencing science at the “planet Earth” themed Fukuoka Science Museum. It offers an abundance of features, such as simulated space experience, a flight simulator, conversation with a robot, and virtual reality games. At the Cosmos Theater, an impressive movie with a 360-degree view of the night sky and 25 thousand stars can be enjoyed. The science experiments (such as an electrical discharge experiment) and engineering workshops are also very popular. Various special exhibitions about science take place throughout the year.

*About the Building: Area of hall - 8039.61 square meters (86,540 square feet)
*Accessibility: Priority parking for persons with disabilities; wheelchair-accessible bathrooms; wheelchair rental; wheelchair ramp; elevator; changing tables; guide dogs permitted
*Discounts: Available for persons with disabilities and senior citizens

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 830-0003 福岡県久留米市東櫛原町1713
Address 1713 Higashi Kushihara Town, Kurume City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0942-37-5566((財)福岡県青少年科学教育普及協会)
Contact Fukuoka Prefectural Fund for Education, Culture & Scholarship
Fax Number 0942-37-3770
Open Weekdays: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Weekends and Holidays: 9:30am - 5pm
Admission till 30 minutes before closing time
Closed Mondays (Tuesday in the event of a holiday); the last Tuesday of every month (open in July and August); New Year’s Holidays (December 28 - January 2)
Price Exhibition: Adults - 400 Yen; Ages 4 - High School Students - 200 Yen
Planetarium (Cosmos Theater): Adults - 600 Yen; Ages 4 - High School Students - 300 Yen
Car Park Available; 135 vehicles (Bus: 10 spaces)
Access By train - A 15 minute walk from Nishitetsu “Kurume” Station, or a 10 minute walk from Nishitetsu “Kushihara” Station
By Nishitetsu train and bus - From Kurume Station, take any bus bound for Youme Town Kurume OR the #23 bus (via Hyakunen Koen) and get off at the Seiyonen Kagakukan Mae stop (a 5 minute ride)
By JR train and bus - From Kurume Station, take the #23 Nishitetsu bus (via Hyakunen Koen) and get off at the Seiyonen Kagakukan Mae stop (a 16 minute ride), or the #1, #7, #8, #9, #20, #22, #25, or #48 Nishitetsu bus (bound for Nishitetsu Kurume) and get off at the Gokoku Jinjya stop (a 15 minute ride); a 5 minute walk from there
By car - A 5 minute drive from the Kurume Interchange off the Kyushu Longitudinal Expressway
Website http://www.science.pref.fukuoka.jp/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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