Nagarekawa Cherry Blossom Lined Trees


Cherry blossoms and rape blossoms also make a beautiful co-starring performance. 2km-long rows of cherry trees.

About 350 cherry trees line the 2-km stretch of the Kosegawa River that runs through the Nagaregawa district of Ukiha City. The scenery of cherry trees in full bloom against the backdrop of the majestic Mino Mountain Range is breathtaking.
The narrow promenade along the rows of cherry trees is densely packed with trees, making it look like a tunnel of cherry blossoms. Walking under the cherry trees, you will be surrounded by the pale pink color, which is fantastically beautiful. The largest cherry blossom viewing spot in the Chikugo area attracts many visitors every year.
Visitors can also enjoy the contrast between the cherry blossoms and the rape blossoms along the river, as well as the cherry blossoms illuminated by lights.

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Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 839-1411 福岡県うきは市浮羽町流川
Address Nagaregawa, Ukiha-cho, Ukiha-shi, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0943-76-3980((一社)うきは観光みらいづくり公社)
Fax Number 0943-76-4039
Event Days Late March to early April
Car Park available
Access Approx. 20 minutes on foot from Ukiha Station on the JR Hisada Main Line.
15 minutes from Haki IC on Oita Expressway.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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