Kashii-gu Shrine


In the ”Kojiki” and ”Nihon Shoki”, (Records of Ancient Matters are in both ), it is recorded that this shrine was dedicated to Emperor Chuai who died in this land; it has been revered by the Imperial Court since long ago, and according to one theory the shrine was built in the 200s. It was rebuilt during the Edo Period using a wooden construction method called ”Kashii-zukuri.” This style can only be seen at this shrine, and as a result, it was certified as an Important Cultural Property of Japan. In the treasure hall there are old roof tiles, texts, and Ema (a votive horse tablet) . The shrine road, which was used by messengers of successive generations of Japanese Emperors, stretches for 800m with camphor trees on both sides. This area is famous for a type of water called ’Furosui’ (Water of Youth).

*About the building
Classification: Important Cultural Property
Built: Rebuilt in 1801

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 813-0011 福岡県福岡市東区香椎4-16-1
Address 4-16-1 Kashii, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City
Telephone Number 092-681-1001(香椎宮)
Contact Kashii-gu Shrine
Fax Number 092-681-1011
Open (April - September)
(October - March)
Price No fees
Car Park Spaces for 350cars
Access 3 minute walk from Kashii Line ”Kashiijingu-mae”

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