Mongol Invasion records office


Various relics from the second (2nd) Mongol invasion of Japan are displayed here, including the armor worn by both countries, as well as picture scrolls of the invasion. Particularly worth seeing are the dolls made by Yoichi Kojima, which depict the activities of Buddhist monk Nichiren. The building was constructed in Meiji 37 (1904) as a memorial hall for the Mongol Invasion. In Showa 61 (1986) it underwent reconstruction, and was then opened to the public as a records office. Inside, visitors can find simple explanations of the flow of events from the rise of the Mongol Empire to its invasion of Japan.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 812-0045 福岡県福岡市博多区東公園7-11
Address Fukuoka City, Hakata Ward, Higashi-koen 7-11
Telephone Number 092-651-1259(日蓮聖人銅像護持教会)
Contact Association of Hizure holy priest bronze statue protection
Open 10:00~16:00
Access It is a 5 minutes’ walk from the subway Maidashi-Kyudai-byoin-mae Station, and 3 minutes’ walk from the /JR Yoshizuka Station.

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