Kora Taisha Shrine’s “Kangetsusai” Festival

高良大社 おくんち(筑後国一ノ宮高良大社)

Kora Taisha’s Kangetsusai festival takes place on the third night of the shrine’s annual Kora-san Kunchi festival and is associated with the Shinto god Kora (and, in turn, a legend about the moon). Don’t miss the Noh songs, improvised theatrical performance, and taiko drumming! Reservations required for participation in tea ceremonies and other such tasting events.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県久留米市御井町1
Address 1 Mii Town, Kurume City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0942-43-4893(高良大社)
Contact Kora Taisha Shrine

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