Sakurai Futamigaura


A popular spot for women with its beautiful white torii gate and cobalt blue sea.

Futamigaura is a famous sight located in the north of Itoshima city, within Genkai Quasi-National Park. 
Whereas Futamigaura in Ise, Mie Prefecture is known as “the Sunrise Futamiura,” the beauty of the sun setting into the Genkai Sea gave rise to the nickname of this place as “the Sunset Futamigaura.”
Out past the white torii gate is “Meotoiwa” (Couples Rock), a double-peaked islet that appears to stands together like a man and wife. Lying some 150 meters off the coast, the two parts of the islet are bound together by a shimenawa rope. The islet is a sacred site of the Sakurai Shrine, which was founded by Tadayuki Kuroda, the second lord of the Fukuoka domain, and revered by generations of Kuroda clan, hence its other name, Sakurai-Futamigaura.
With a number of fashionable cafes and restaurants nearby, this is an area that attracts a lot of sightseers.
Around the summer solstice, the setting of the sun down the middle of Couples Rock is an extraordinary sight. Blue hour after sunset and before sunrise when the sky turns a deep shade of blue is magic too. Photographers and others flock to this gorgeous spot.
Futamigaura makes “Top 100 Beaches of Japan” and “Top 100 Sunsets of Japan” lists and is not to be missed on any tour of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 819-1304 福岡県糸島市志摩桜井
Address Shima Sakurai, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 092-322-2098(糸島市観光協会)
Contact For more information, contact Sakurai Shrine, 092-327-0317.
Car Park 80 cars
Access From Kyushu University Gakkentoshi Station, take the Showa Bus Nishi-no-ura Line and get off at Futamigaura (in front of Married Couple Rocks).
From Hakata/Tenjin Station, take Showa Bus West Coast Liner and get off at Futamigaura (in front of Matuma-iwa).

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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