Yame Fukushima Buddhist Altars


Yame Fukushima Buddhist altars are towering and magnificent! The elegant altars are almost entirely hand-made using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations, like natural lacquering and pure gold embossing. Each part of the altar is made by a different expert craftsman (i.e. woodworkers, Buddhist altar assemblers, engravers, metallists, lacquerists and painters) who works solely in their field. Yame Fukushima Buddhist altars are said to be the origin of Buddhist altar manufacturing in Kyushu, and have also been deemed Government-Designated Traditional Crafts as a works that preserve ancient manufacturing techinques.
Yame’s “Akari to Chapponpon” festival is held on around September 23 every year. At the traditional craftwork center, visitors can observe the four manufacturing processes that go into making Yame Fukushima Buddhist altars.

*About the Buddhist Altars: Government-Designated Traditional Craft; first made in 1821; the largest Buddhist altar in Japan - 6.5 meters (21 feet) tall, 3.8 meters (12 feet) wide, 2.5 meters (8 feet) long and 2 tons (4,400 pounds)

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 834-0031 福岡県八女市本町2-123-2 八女伝統工芸館内
Address Yame Traditinal Craftwork Center, 2-123-2 Moto Town, Yame City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0943-24-3941(八女福島仏壇仏具協同組合)

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


Chikugo Area
Specialties & Souvenirs Craft Yame Fukushima Butsudan

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