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Yame : A City of Traditional Crafts and Yame Green Tea

Yame City is located in the southeastern part of Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. The city is renowned for its local green tea called "Yame tea".


The city, which is surrounded by incredible natural beauty, boasts a long history of traditional craftsmanship dating back generations, which has transformed this city into a special place.

The area is known for Yame washing paper, which not only contributed to the development of the traditional craft of Yame chochin lanterns, but is also used to store Yame tea. It is in this way that local crafts developed to support and complement each other!


Shiraki kogei

https://www.chouchin.com/ (JP only)

Shimogawa orimono


Yabeya konomi honke



Reiganji Temple is an important landmark in Yame City. It was founded approximately 600 years ago by Zen priest Eirin Shuzui who brought back tea cultivation and tea-making techniques from China. This marked the beginning of Yame tea, and from there began a long culture of tea that remains to this day.


Reiganji Temple



The Yame Central Grand Tea Garden, also known as the green carpet, is an area of approximately 70 hectares covered with sprawling tea fields. Blessed with abundant water and fertile soil, Yame is the ideal spot for tea cultivation. Enjoy the aromas of Yame tea and the beauty of this scenic setting. The Tea Garden is also a popular spot for cyclists because of the spectacular views.

Yame Central Grand Tea Garden (pilot grand tea garden)



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