Atago-Jinja Shrine- Hozuki (Ground cherries) Summer Festival

愛宕神社 ほおずき夏祭り

Hozuki Summer Festival is a summer tradition of Atago-jinja Shrine. The origin is said to be the fact that Hozuki was dedicated to the shrine praying for perfect health over the year in the Meiji period and the prayer was heard. Now this traditional festival is counted one of the three big summer festivals in Fukuoka City. At the festival there are many stalls around the shrine and other events of Hozuki market, Darts tournament and Yukata contest are also held.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 819-0015 福岡県福岡市西区愛宕2-7-1 愛宕神社
Address Nishi Ward, Fukuoka city Atago-jinja Shrine
Telephone Number 092-881-0103(愛宕神社社務所)
Contact Atago-jinja Shrine

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