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This shop is directly located in front of Hojyou Hot Springs and Fujiyu no Sato. Visitors here can see vegetables and fruits grown in the Fukuchi area lined up and on sale. The popular items here include tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) and hand-made bento (boxed lunch) made with these locally grown vegetables. Daily, there are many customers here! On sale at Fukuchi no Sato are different local varieties of rice! These include, Benten Rice, Hojyo Rice and Agano Rice! The rice of this area is so popular that orders are placed from all over the country via the online shop! The speciality product of this area is Akaike Nashi (Asian pear)! It is available from summer (around August) through fall!

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 822-1212 福岡県田川郡福智町弁城1320
Address 1320 Benjyo, Fukuchi Town
Telephone Number 0947-22-7474(ふくちの郷)
Contact Fukuchi no Sato
Open 9am-6pm
Closed Third Monday (open on holiday Mondays. Closed the following Tuesday)
Price *Vegetables and fruit: from around 100 yen
*Tsukemono: from 100 yen
*Hand-made bento (Japanese lunch box): 380 yen (volume limit)
*Hojyo Rice (brown rice): 1,800 yen for 5kg
*Saigawa Rice (brown rice): 1,960 yen for 5kg
*Agano Rice: 2,100 yen for 5kg
Car Park Parking for 20 cars
Access *5 minute drive from Heisei Chikuho Railway Kanada Station
Website http://www.fukuchinosato.com/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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