Seishiden Ruins


The Seishiden Ruins are situated in Kawaradake and San no Take mountains. In the latter half of the Heian period (794-1185), there is a document remaining at Komiya Shrine showing that a sacred mirror that was enshrined at Usa Shrine in Oita Prefecture. It is thought that the place where this sacred mirror was cast was at Saidosho Ruins. Located nearby is the tunnel called Mabu where copper was mined. This deep place, connected to Komiya Shrine, is called Kanmabu also.The roof (pictured) at the front shrine is a shingled roof. The shrine itself has an apperance of a semi-detached house. In the middle of the dirt floor is an area that was used as a smithing area. At the back of this building there is a small shrine and the base of 3 granite pillars. It is believed that the sacred mirror completed here was dedicated at these 3 pillars. In 1956, the Seishin Ruins were designated a historic cultural asset of Fukuoka Prefecure.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 822-1401 福岡県田川郡香春町清祀殿
Address Nagamitsu, Saidosho, Kawara Town, Tagawa County
Telephone Number 0947-32-8406(香春町役場産業振興課)
Contact Kawara Town Industry and Promotion Section
Fax Number 0947-32-4815
Closed Open year round (closed on Jan.1st)
Price Free
Car Park No parking
Access *60 minute drive from Honamihigashi Interchange off of the Yakiyama Bypass
*30 minute drive from Kokuraminami Interchange off of the Kyushu Expressway
*15 minute walk from JR Hitahikosan Line Saidosho Station

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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