Kyushu Olle, Miyama/Mt. Kiyomizu course

九州オルレ みやま・清水山コース

From the Zoyama Historical Forest Park through Kiyomizu-dera Temple to the ”Miyama Road Station”, this is a course that travels around temple gates that are surrounded in history and nature. The course will take you through mysterious bamboo forests and past vivid cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, up to an observation deck at the summit where you can look down on the plains of Chikugo.
This area is rich with both seasonal scenery and historical/cultural sites, such as the Honbo Teien made by Sesshu, the Five Hundred Disciples of the Buddha, as well as Kiyomizu-dera Temple’s pagoda. At the end of the course is the ”Miyama Road Station” where you can enjoy farm products and specialty goods that are the pride of Miyama.

This course is 11.5km long, requires about 4-5 hours to complete,
intended for intermediate or advanced trekkers.

Time period: All year long

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 835-0005 福岡県
Address 1086 Setakamachi Okusa, Miyama City, Starting Point (Hachiraku-kai)
Telephone Number 0944-64-1523(みやま市役所 商工観光課 商工観光係)
Contact Miyama City Commerce and Industry Tourism Department
Fax Number 0944-64-1524
Price Free of charge ※some paid events held
Car Park Available at Hachiraku-kai and Miyama City Hall.
Access Starting Point : Hachiraku-kai (1086 Okusa, Setaka-machi, Miyama City)

Take the JR Kagoshima Main Line to ”Setaka Station”

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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