A richly-colored and nostalgic flavor Sawada Arare

彩り豊かな懐かしの味 寒田あられ

These are multicolored ’arare’ (mochi cubes) that are made in the Sawada region, located in the valley of Chikujo in Fukuoka Prefecture. They’re made using a traditional recipe; during the bitter and cold of winter, the red, green, yellow, and white-colored arare are dried in the shade, forming a colorful ’carpet.’ A legend that has been passed down says that the red mochi represent the sun, green represent the earth, blue represent the water, and eating these mochi is a form of prayer for the growth of good crops.

Time period: January to May

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 829-0102 福岡県築上郡築上町大字築城1096
Address 1096 Tsuiki, Chikujo Town, Chikujo County, Fukuoka-ken
Telephone Number 0930-52-0001(築上町役場 築城支所)
Contact Chikujo Town Hall Tsuiki Branch Office

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