Mt. horse Castle trace


Kanbei Kuroda given Buzen 6 county from Hideyoshi Toyotomi is entry into a fortress in Mt. horse ヶ Castle to become the Kyushu’s first castle in (1587) July in 1587. There is a record that I stayed in this castle in March, 1587 when Hideyoshi entered Kyushu for Kyushu subjugation. Because I resemble the figure of the horse dedicated to the shrine, I am said to be Mt. horse

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県行橋市大字大谷・西谷
Address Yukuhashi City larger section of a village Otani, Nishiya
Telephone Number 0930-25-9733(行橋市商業観光課)
Contact Yukuhashi-shi business and industry Marine Products Section
Access I enter the narrow path at the monument of the prefectural road Route 58 Otani intersection and arrive at the starting point of a mountain climb at 600m.

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