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Hakata-ori refers to dyed-in silk textiles. At once intricate and gorgeous, the silk also has a unique firmness that retains its shape when used in kimonos, proving its superior practicality.
During the Kamakura Era (1185 - 1333), a merchant from Hakata named Mitsuda Yasouemon spent six years in China where he learned how to make textiles, red pottery, noodles, and Chinese herbal medicines. After returning to Hakata, he turned his weaving technique into an art and added his own style, which he termed “kanton-ori” and which was passed down in the family for generations. The silks have also come to be known as “Hakata offerings”, since territorial lord Kuroda Nagamasa offered them to the feudal government every year!
Hakata-ori was recognized by the government as a Traditional Craft in 1976.

*About the Method: Government-Designated Traditional Craft

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 812-0023 福岡県福岡市博多区奈良屋町5-10
Address 1-14-12 Hakataeki-minami, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 092-409-5162(博多織工業組合)
Contact Hakata Weavers Association
Fax Number 092-409-5086
Car Park 6 vehicles
Access By train - 7 minute walk from JR Hakata Station
Website http://www.hakataori.or.jp/us/index.html

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


Fukuoka Area
Specialties & Souvenirs Craft

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