Hakata Mizuhiki’s delicate beauty brings happiness


Used for betrothal gifts, envelopes for monetary gifts, and so on, Mizuhiki have the meaning of ”tying together fortune and happiness.” Bright colors and sophisticated patterns are characteristic of ”Hakata Mizuhiki.”
Bottle ribbons, their representative work, won the Grand Prize of the ”18th Fukuoka Design Awards” in 2016.
Many other new and beautiful ”long-term decorations” and ”usable Mizuhiki” such as chopstick rests that look like plum blossoms and New Year decorations are produced.
Isn’t it wonderful to add ”okuru kokoro (thoughtful gift giving feeling)” by delicately decorating gifts with fashionable Hakata Mizuhiki?

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 812-0036 福岡県福岡市博多区上呉服町13-231
Address 13-231 Kamigofukumachi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City
Telephone Number 092-271-0813(ながさわ結納店)
Contact Nagasawa Yuinoten Gift Shop
Car Park Yes
Access 5 minute walk from Gofukumachi Station on the Fukuoka Municipal Subway
Website http://www.hakatamizuhiki.co.jp/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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