Furujoyama Camping Village "Yujin no Mori".


Feel nature with all your senses! A campsite like a holiday home that can be enjoyed all year round.

Kama Camping Village is located halfway up Mt Kosho, one of the Kaho Alps, almost in the middle of Fukuoka Prefecture. Located in a rich natural setting with the headwaters of the Onga River flowing through it and a primeval boxwood forest, a national special natural treasure, the village is open all year round.
It is well equipped to make even outdoor beginners comfortable, and the cottages, which feel like holiday homes, are the main attraction. The cottages are equipped with bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, refrigerators, etc., with the exception of one cottage, so you can enjoy camping in comfort and peace of mind all year round. You can enjoy camping in comfort and peace of mind all year round.
And speaking of camping, you can't miss the barbecue! There is a cooking building where you can cook over a charcoal fire, and you can bring in fresh ingredients and have a great time with your friends.
It takes about one hour from the campsite to the summit. If you are lucky, you may even see wild deer, so why not take a leisurely walk?

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 820-0332 福岡県嘉麻市千手3628-7
Address 3628-7, Sende, Kama-shi, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0948-57-0621
Open [Reservations and enquiries] 9:00am - 5:00pm (reservations can be made two months in advance of use)
[Overnight stay] Check-in 3:30pm, Check-out 10:00am
[Day trip] Check-in 10:30am, check-out 3:00pm.
If there is no changeover between overnight stays and day-trips, you can extend your stay by up to 1 hour.
Closed Tuesdays (open all year round in July and August).
Price Fees.
Entrance fee: ¥210 (free for children under primary schools age and log cabin guests).

Rental equipment] *Rental of tents and sleeping bags is currently suspended.
Rice cooking utensils for 5 people: 1 set / 530 yen
Barbecue grills: ¥530 per set (fuel not included).
Other items (pots, pans, kettles, etc.): 100 yen per item.

Cottage rates】※Additional accommodation tax 200 yen/person
Cottage for 5 persons (max. 8 persons) per cottage per night: from 12,100 yen, each additional person from the 6th person: from 1,320 yen.
For 6 persons (max. 12): from JPY 14,300 per night per building, from JPY 1,320 for each additional person from the 7th person.
For 40 persons (can be split in two): 1 night per building (up to 40 persons) / from JPY 26,400; 1/2 night per building (up to 20 persons) / from JPY 13,200.
*Please see the official website for details on rates.
Car Park 53 vehicles, 2 for disabled persons.
Access 50 mins from Honami Higashi IC, Yagiyama Bypass.
Website https://www.kamacamp.com/yujin.html
Remarks Cancellation fees are free until 17:00 nine days before the date of use; after that, cancellation fees apply even if the cancellation is due to weather (e.g. typhoons).

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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