Tama no I Sake Brewery


Sadamasashi is a line of Japanese sake started in 1984 (Showa 59) and is known as the ”sake of Tama no I and is a choice Fukuoka sake known around Japan”

This sake brewer has been brewing various types of Japanese sake since 1729 (Kyuho 14). Only the best raw materials are singled out for use in fermentation. The raw materials include polished rice as well as hand-made kouji (mold used as a starter in the fermentation process). This sake with a refreshing taste is loved by Japanese sake fans!

For those groups or individuals wishing to take a tour, group and individual tours are held in January and February every year. Tours generally last 30 minutes. For group tours of 6 or more guests as well as individual tours, reservations are possible.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 820-0302 福岡県嘉麻市大隈町1036-1
Address 1036-1 Okuma Town, Kama City
Telephone Number 0948-57-0009(寒北斗酒造株式会社)
Contact Tama no I Sake Brewery
Fax Number 0948-57-0023
Open 9am-5pm
Closed Open for most of the year
Price Free
Car Park Free parking
Access *30 minute drive from Honamihigashi Interchange off of Yakiyama Bypass
Website http://kanhokuto.com

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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