Ikari Puppet Show


The Ikari Puppet Show was first performed in the year 1865 (Keiou 1). Many children in the area died due to an epidemic that was spreading at that time. The villagers prayed to the gods to end the epidemic in the village. After the crisis ended, the village decided to hold a puppet show in order to make the children of the village happy and to thank the gods for their help. Therefore, every year on New Year’s Day the village holds this puppet show and dedicates its performance at the Iwagane Hachiman Shrine in order to ward off epidemics and diseases.

In 1952 (Showa 27), the Ikari Puppet Show was designated as the second Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 825-0001 福岡県田川市大字伊加利1072(岩亀八幡神社)
Address 1072 Ikari, Oaza, Tagawa City (Iwagane Hachiman Shrine)
Telephone Number 0947-44-5745(田川市石炭・歴史博物館)
Contact Tagawa City Coal and History Museum
Fax Number 0947-44-5745
Open Performance from 8am
Closed Every year on New Year’s Day
Car Park Available
Access *About a 10 minute drive from JR Hitahikosan Line Tagawa-Ita station
Website http://www.joho.tagawa.fukuoka.jp/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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