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Aka Village Special Product Center is a produce stand in the naturally blessed Aka Village at the foot of Mt.Hiko. Customers to Aka Village Special Product Center can feel at ease when purchasing organically grown vegetables and fruit! Inexpensive, fresh, delicious and peace of mind are the words used to discribe the produce! Also overflowing at Aka Village Special Product Center are fresh flowers, rice and processed meat! Located on the premises is an area which makes mochi (sticky rice cakes) and bread! There is also a processing place for vegetables and fruit! Mochi made with rice grown with clean water is popular as Zoni (a Japanese soup containing mochi rice cakes. The dish is strongly associated with the Japanese New Year) and Kagami mochi (a traditional Japanese New Year decoration). This mochi is so popular that there is a flood of orders around New Year’s! There are many specialty products as well! Try the refreshingly sweet tomato ketchup, konnyaku or the home-made miso! Before you come, check out what goods are available on the home page of Aka Village Special Product Center!

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 824-0431 福岡県田川郡赤村大字赤5951-1
Address 5951-1 Oazaaka, Aka Village, Tagawa County
Telephone Number 0947-62-2990(赤村特産物センター)
Contact Aka Village Special Product Center
Open 8:30am-5pm
Closed Open year round (closed on New Year’s)
Price Tomato ketchup: 750 yen
Hand-made miso: from 500 yen
Vinegarded miso: from 400 yen
Yuzu vinegar: 1,000 yen
Hand-made country konnyaku: 150 yen
Genji Rice (5kg) 2,200 yen
Car Park Parking for 100 cars
Access *2 minute drive from JR Heisei Chikuho Railway Line Yusubaru Station
Website http://www.red-village.com/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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