Nakayama Grand Wisteria


Yanagawa City is proud of its famous wisteria tree, a natural monument designated by the prefecture with beautiful large flower clusters.

The "Nakayama Grand Wisteria" is a 300-plus year old tree located at Nakayama Kumano Shrine in Yanagawa City.
The tree, which is designated as a natural monument by the prefecture, is said to have originated when "Man-san," a local liquor store owner in the Edo period, brought back the seeds of a Fuji (wisteria) tree from Noda, Osaka, and planted and nurtured it. The local preservation society and other related people carefully nurture the trees, and when they are in full bloom, the whole area is enveloped in a sweet fragrance.
The magnificent arch of wisteria over the stone bridge of the shrine is a sight to behold and a perfect photo spot. At night, the shrine is illuminated to create a romantic atmosphere, making it a great place for couples.

The Nakayama Grand Wisteria Festival is held at the shrine and Tachibana Ikoinomori Park from mid to late April during the blooming season. There are usually many food stalls, jazz live performances, photo contests, and sales of agricultural products and specialties. Tables and chairs are laid out under the wisteria trellises, where visitors can relax and enjoy viewing the wisteria flowers.

*The "Nakayama Grand Wisteria Festival" will be canceled in 2022 (wisteria viewing is permitted), and "Baby Go 16" will be held as a pre-event.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 832-0811 福岡県柳川市三橋町中山538-1(中山熊野神社境内)・中山547-1(立花いこいの森公園)
Address Precincts of Nakayama Kumano Shrine, 583-1 Nakayama, Mitsuhashi-cho, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0944-77-8563(中山大藤まつり実行委員会(柳川市観光課))
Contact For inquiries about the pre-event, contact Yanagawa City Chamber of Commerce 0944-73-8111
Event Days Mid to late April
Price free
Car Park Available (please use the Tachibana Ikoi-no-Mori parking lot)
Temporary parking is available during the Nakayama Grand Wisteria Festival.
Access About 12 minutes from Nishitetsu Yanagawa Station on the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line, about 15 minutes from the Miyama Yanagawa IC on the Kyushu Expressway
During the Nakayama Grand Wisteria Festival, there is a temporary bus service (charged) from Nishitetsu Yanagawa Station and JR Chikugo Funagoya Station.
Remarks *The best time to see the flowers is subject to change depending on the weather. Please check the latest information before visiting.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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