Kanada / Kozaki Yamakasa Recital


Every year people pour into Fukuchi-machi for the Kanada Inari Shinkosai Festival, the biggest festival in Fukuchi-machi. At night, the Yamakasa Recital is held at the plaza set up at the rear of Kanada Station. At the Yamakasa Recital, 10 yamakasa (floats), with heights of 10 meters, come from the Kanada and Kozaki areas of Fukuchi-machi. Each yamakasa is gorgeously decorated with lights! In the afternoon, the impressive Jinko Festival is held at the same place! Here, guests become wrapped up in the enthusiasm of the event!

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 822-1201 福岡県田川郡福智町金田1171-1
Address Kanada, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa County
Telephone Number 0947-22-7766(福智町役場まちづくり総合政策課)
Contact Fukuchi Town Hall Planning and Promotion Section
Open Second and third Saturdays and Sundays of October every year(6pm till 9:30pm) *The schedule may be changed.
Car Park Parking available
Access *About a 3 minute walk from Heisei Chikuho Railway Ita Line / Itoda Line Kanada Station
Website http://www.town.fukuchi.lg.jp/shiru/matsuri_11.html

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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