The representative odd festival of Chikugo city, ”Hisadomibontsunahiki” is held on August 6. The children are smeared with soot on their whole bodies and wear grass skirts and fake horns to disguise themselve as a black demon. They parade through the town pulling a thick rope, 30cm in diameter, 20m in length and 400kg in weight. It is said that this event started from Edo period to comfort sprits of the children who suffered and died from hunger, which is designated as Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県筑後市久富1635
Address Chikugo city
Telephone Number 0942-53-4229(一般社団法人筑後市観光協会)
Contact Chikugo city Commerce and Tourism Division
Open August 14, 2016
Access A 30-minute walk from JR Hainuzuka Station

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Chikugo Area
Festivals & Traditional Events

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