Bamboo grove where God dwells (Kyushu Olle Miyama-Kiyomizuyama course)


To a journey full of ancient romance through the "divine bamboo grove" where the sun shines through the divine trees.

A solemn and mysterious bamboo grove, where the sun pours through the divine trees and serenity prevails. The Kyushu Olle trekking course is the recommended way to visit this power spot that has become a hot topic on SNS, located on the promenade of the Zoyama Historic Forest Park in Setaka-cho, Miyama City.

The "Kyushu Olle Miyama-Kiyomizuyama Course" is a very popular course that allows visitors to experience Miyama's long history and beautiful nature, centering on two mountains, Mt. The course starts from the observatory at the Zoyama Historical Forest Park, which commands a panoramic view of the Chikugo Plain and the Ariake Sea, through the "Bamboo Forest Where God Dwells" and Kiyomizu Temple. Enjoy the seasonal scenery of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves as you make your way to Michi no Eki Miyama.
Enjoy shopping and relieve your fatigue at the popular roadside station, which sells Miyama's prized agricultural products and local specialties.

*Please use the "roundabout road" as restoration work is still ongoing due to the heavy rain damage in August 2021. (As of November 2022)
(1) Please proceed to "Course B" because "Course A" in the bamboo grove where God resides is closed.
(2) The stairs (approach) to the main hall of Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the three-story pagoda are heavily damaged,please proceed to the automobile road from the "Niomon Gate" in front of it.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 835-0005 福岡県みやま市瀬高町大草 女山史跡森林公園内
Address Zoyama Historic Forest Park, Okusa, Setaka-cho, Miyama City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0944-64-1523(みやま市役所商工観光課商工観光係)
Fax Number 0944-64-1524
Car Park Please use the parking lot of " Hachirakukai Kyodan" or "Michi-no-Eki Miyama" (Roadside Station Miyama)
Access 【Access to the starting point and Hachirakukai Church】
Car: 15 minutes from the Miyama Yanagawa IC on the Kyushu Expressway / 10 minutes from JR Sedaka Station
Community Bus Kusuppi-go: Available from JR Sedaka Station to the starting point and from Roadside Station Miyama (finishing point) to JR Sedaka Station.
* (Service is available Monday through Saturday. (Service is suspended on Sundays, December 29-January 3, May 3-5, and August 13-August 15)
Approximately 40 minutes by limousine cab from "Kyushu Saga International Airport" (prior reservation required with Setaka Taxi or Nico Nico Taxi).
Remarks *First-ride cab fares between "JR Sedaka Station" or "Michi no Eki Miyama" and " Hachirakukai Kyodan" are subsidized for Olle users.
Advance application is required. Please check the official Miyama City website for details.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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