Japanese Primrose at Mt. Hiko


You may occasionally see a metallic ornament called a ’kurin’ jutting up towards the sky out of the roofs of certain pagodas or other structure.
Because their flowers resemble this structure, ’kurinsou’ is the original Japanese name for the Japanese primrose plant. They originally did not grow wild in Kyushu, but according to legend, a certain mountain priest from Mt. Hiko brought them in from throughout Japan while on a quest for knowledge.

Time period: Early May - Mid-May

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県田川郡添田町 英彦山地区
Address Soeda Town, Mt. Hiko area
Telephone Number 0947-82-1236(添田町まちづくり課)
Contact Soeda Town Community Development Section
Access From JR Hiko Station take a municipal bus, and then get off at Kane no torii

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Chikuho Area
Flowers & Plants

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