Slope Car of Hikosan


The Slope car was completed in 2005. It was created along the side of an approach of Hikosan Shrine at Hikosan, Soedamachi. It is a 849-meter long slope. There are four stations called Kami station, Sando station, Hana station, and Sachi station from the entrance made by copper to Hikosan Houheiden(Shrine Hall Hikosan). The slope allows a person having trouble to walk up the steep mountain paths to climb Hikosan without effort. Hikosan is one of the three major mountains where monks undergo training. Hikosan is rich in historic remains such as Shrine Hall Hikosan, Zaizoubo(a house for mountain priests), and Old Kamaishibo garden(it is believed to be made by Sesshu). Hana station is attached to the old Hikosan elementary school and has a lot of exhibits that make people think back to the old days. Please enjoy visiting sacred historical spots using the slope.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県田川郡添田町大字英彦山1487
Telephone Number 0947-85-0375(英彦山スロープカー)

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