Dainichi Buddha image


The wooden statue which there were signatures such as 雲慶久代弟子, and a local person enshrined for a long time. I am dedicated by the Dainichi temple of Teraura of Aoyagi. There is a sumi painting signature in height, 73.3cm, the head and a body, and letters such as 1475 (Bunmei 7) are left. It is the oldest for the Buddha statue which the master craftsman of Buddhist image understands. A crown of heaven stand, the handprint link the intellect fist mark to the head, and the foot takes the sitting with crossed legs.
* About a building
Classification: City designated cultural assets
Old: Muromachi era 1475
* Barrier-free
A guide dog companion is possible

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-3134 福岡県古賀市青柳2603
Address 2603, Aoyagi, Koga City
Telephone Number 092-944-6214(古賀市立歴史資料館)
Access Ten minutes from JR Koga Station by car

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