Takasu Kagura (Shinto theatrical dance)


Takasu Kagura is a Shinto theatrical dance that is dedicated to the god of Takasu Shrine twice a year in hopes of having an abundant crops. Although the origins of this tradition are not known, legend has it that when Harada Chikuzen no Kami Tanechika (lord of Takasu Castle) was ordered by his leader, Ouchi Masahiro (lord of Yamaguchi Catsle in Suonokuni), to undertake the important role of Governor of Kyoto in 1467, he learned Kyoto’s Nokagura (classical Japanese musical drama) between battles and later introduced it in his hometown.
Takasu Kagura was designated a Folk Cultural Asset by Marebaru Town in 1971, and an Intangible Folk Cultural Asset by Fukuoka Prefecture in 1981. It is known as a magnificent folk performing art.
There are two types of dances in Takasu Kagura: “Mai (Dancing) Kagura”, in which unmasked performers dance peacefully and raise sacred instruments (bells, swords, and balls) while chanting the Kagura song in response to the music; and “Men (Masked) Kagura”, in which some performers wearing masks take the stage and play out a myth.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 819-1571 福岡県糸島市高祖1578 髙祖神社
Address 1578 Takasu, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 092-322-2098((一社)糸島市観光協会)
Contact Itoshima City Office
Open 1pm - evening on April 26
6pm - night on October 25
Car Park Available
Access By train and car - About a 10 minute drive from JR Susenji Station on the Chikuhi Line
By train and bus - Take the community bus in front of JR Susenji Station bound for Maebaru via Ito and get off at Takasu bus stop; about a 10 minute walk from there

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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