Traditional vegetables grown only in this region Keya Turnips

この地でしか育たない伝統野菜 芥屋かぶ

The eye-catching purplish red ’Keya Turnips’ have a purplish red upper body and a pure white body, with soft flesh that has been beloved by local residents for generations,
and the only place that these turnips are grown is right here in the Shimakeya region of Itoshima!
Manufacturers, enchanted by the purplish red color, have tried growing them outside of the Shimakeya region. However, none have succeeded in getting that distinctive purple-red color. (In the first year, the Keya turnips’ characteristics appeared, but from the 2nd year onward they did not turn purplish red.)
These are truly mysterious turnips that can only be produced in Keya.

Time Period:From November to December

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 819-1117 福岡県糸島市前原西1-1-1
Address 1-1-1 Maebarunishi, Itoshima City
Telephone Number 092-332-2080(糸島市ブランド政策課)
Contact Itoshima Industry Promotion Department Commerce and Tourism Division

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