A unique winner’s trophy at the ”Shugendo Trail in Kougemachi”


A trail running race that’s held on a ~31km ’Shugendo’ road. If you complete your run while carrying a sack of rice (5kg for men, 3kg for women) on your back, you will receive it as a participation prize (limited to the first 40 participants.) The winner’s trophy/extra prize is a shiitake pulpwood.

Every year around autumn

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 871-0928 福岡県
Address Start: Nishitomoeda Experience/Exchange Center ”Yuikirara” 1520 Nishitomoeda, Koge, Chikujo County
Telephone Number 0979-72-3111(上毛町役場企画情報課)
Contact Koge Town Hall Planning/Information Department
Car Park Available
Park at the Koge-Taihei Branch Office and then use the free shuttle bus to transfer to Yuikirara.
Access From Koge SIC By car Appx. 10min
JR Nippo Main Line Nakatsu Station By car Appx. 20min
Kitakyushu Airport By car Appx. 40min
Oita Airport By car Appx. 60min
Website http://universal-field.com/event/kouge-trail/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


Kitakyushu Area
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