Hachimankohyo Shrine


Founded in 545 A.D., this long-standing shrine boasts over a thousand years of history.
Enshrined here are godhead Okinagatarashihime-no-mikoto, or Empress Jingu, and several other Important Cultural Properties of Japan such as the wooden figure of Jingu on a Fighting Bull.
There is a traditional event held here still carried out in the form it was done in the early days. Especially, Kuwashionomai Kamizumo - only held once very four summers - is something to be witnessed. The festivity features dancing wood carvings of their deity and Sumo tournament with origins dating back to the Kamakura period.
Oirokashi also is another event taking place here on August 6th and the 7th every year. The shrine gets a make-over with beautiful patterns and colors of outerwear for their deities hung throughout the Shinto sanctuary during this period.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 871-0802 福岡県築上郡吉富町小犬丸353-1
Address 353-1 Koinumaru, Yoshitomi, Chikujo District, Fukuoka Prefecture
Telephone Number 0979-22-3237(八幡古表神社)
Contact Hachimankohyo Shrine Office
Open Sunrise to Sunset
Closed Closed when the kannushi is out.
Car Park Available: 20
Access 15 min-walk from JR Yoshitomi Station.
Website http://kohyoujinjya.jimdo.com/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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