Hana to Shijimi no Sato Oto Marathon

花としじみの里 おおとうマラソン

The marathon follows the course of the former National Railway Soeda Line abandoned in 1985 (Showa 60). The course is flat and straight making it an enjoyable run! In addition to this, the course is lined on both sides with cherry blossom trees which are in full bloom! The exhilaration of running under the trees is very popular with the participants! Also held during the marathon is a flower festival! Make sure that you arrive early! Presents such as flower seeds and clam soup are given to the early birds!

There are 3 courses to choose from. A 2km course, a 5km course and a 10 km course.

For those wishing to participate, application forms are available at Oto Town Hall and Rainbow Hall (applications can also be mailed)

Applications can also be made in person at the Planning and Financial Affairs Section counter located in the town hall

*For high school students and general applications: please apply at a local post office. Get a money order and then send it along with the application form.
*For junior high school students and younger: get a money order. Along with the money order, please put it and an application form in an envelope and then send it directly to Oto Town Hall

After complete applications are received, a claim tag will be sent. Use the claim tag to receive your number bib at the event.

Applcations must arrive by February 28th

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 824-0512 福岡県田川郡大任町大字大行事3096 大任町B&g洋センター
Address 3090 Oto Town, Tagawa County (Oto Town B&G Ocean Center)
Telephone Number 0947-63-3000(花としじみの里おおとうマラソン事務局)
Contact Hana to Shijimi no Sato Oto Marathon Office
Open Reception Area:8:30am-9:30am
Opening Ceremony:9:30am
Race start times:
2km course: from 10:20am
5km course from 10:40am
10km course from 11:15am
Price Participation Fee:
*General: 3,000 yen
*High school students:1,000 yen
*Junior high school students and younger:free
*Fee includes lunch as well as insurance.
*Applcations must arrive by February 28th.
*NOTE* participation fee cannot be repaid after registration is finished
Car Park There is no parking at the event. Parking lots are available at the green circles loacated on the course map.
Parking lots are at Oto Junior High School and beside the baseball ground. A welcome bus will ferry runners and spectators back and forth from the event.
Access *About a 12 minute drive from JR Hita Hikosan Line Tagawa-Ita Station
*About a 40 minute drive from Kokuraminami Interchange off of the Kyushu Expressway
*15 minute drive from Tagawa Gotoji Station of the JR Heisei Chikuho Railway
Website http://www.town.oto.fukuoka.jp/info/prev.asp?fol_id=1518

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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